Zoom Private 1:1 Holy Fire Usui Reiki I & II Training RSVP

Private 1:1 Holy Fire Usui Reiki I & II Training RSVP

$700.00 Regular price $888.00

Reiki Attunement is for you if...

  • You want to reconnect to the healer within you to heal and expand in EVERY area of your life
  • You’re ready to activate the deep spiritual gifts that are waiting to be uncovered within you 
  • You would like to become a professional energy healer, whether it's full-time, part-time, or from time-to-time
  • You’re already a professional healer and would like to deepen and expand your practice and offerings who are passionate about healing themselves and others
  • You are ready and willing to dig deep and do the work to heal yourself and others
  • You already practice healing and wellness as a lifestyle or have a deep desire to begin living this way
  • You believe life is meant to be meaningful, magical, and full of purpose
  • You are a seeker who is ready to experience and share profound spiritual connection and miracles


What is an attunement?

In order to be able to channel Reiki Energy, one must be attuned. An attunement can only be done by a Reiki Master. It is a secret and sacred process that imparts symbols and energy into the student that allows him or her to become a channeler of Reiki. This process works on the chakra system, in turn, often greatly awakening one's natural intuitive gifts and abilities. 

It is interesting to note that not all students seek to heal others, but some seek Reiki for their own edification and enlightenment. 

As spiritual beings, connected to all things, we are all born with an intuitive gift to read others’ energy and the energy around us. We may seem to be born with great psychic abilities, or we may only get a quiet inner voice telling us if something feels right or wrong, but it is there, in all of us. It is only the intensity of how we experience it which is different. The great thing is, no matter where we are on our journey and in our spiritual practice, listening to our inner voice and sensing the energy in others, can be learned.

I put together a personalized days intensive course to train each student to reach their full potential. Combining all the knowledge and tools I’ve learned from different Reiki Masters and Spiritual Teachers.

You may choose to take Level 1 and 2 classes separately. If you do so, please note that you must have a Reiki 1 Degree certification in order to attend Reiki Level 2. 

 During this training, you will learn and experience the extraordinary power of reiki to help you heal, transform and connect to something greater than yourself. I will share everything that goes into my healing session and explain why I do things the way I do. Whether you want to start seeing clients or not, reiki will be one of the most valuable investments you can add to your tool belt that is with you for a lifetime. 

*You will have the flexibility on when you want to book your training and space it out on your availability. We will spend one on one training together learning, experiencing and cultivating.


Level I:

Opens up your chakras and gently cleanses your system. It will begin to dispel and clear energy blocks but also toxins in the physical body. It can be seen as a detoxification process to integrate the Reiki energy into your physical and other bodies but is a very gentle and life changing process. This level is all about you, in terms of self-awareness, self-development and is a powerful method for self-healing. You can use Reiki level 1 for healing and practice on friends and family

In this class you will:

-Learn how to clear the energy around yourself and your home

-Discuss what Reiki is and its origins.

-Receive an attunement which will allow you to channel the Reiki energy yourself.

-Learn Japanese Reiki Techniques practiced by the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui.

-Chakras and Chakra Balancing: using Byosen scanning technique and a pendulum.

-Discover how you experience energy through meditation and channeling the Reiki energy.

-Learn all of the hand positions for giving a Reiki treatment and self Reiki.


Level II:

You will receive reiki symbols to bring the universal energy of reiki in your everyday lives in more practical ways and strengthen your ability to heal. You will also learn how to tune into your intuition, send healing to people you are not physically with, as well as to past and present events. Once completing reiki 2 level, you will be able to start seeing clients both in-person and online as a reiki practitioner. Also will able to take the advanced course for “Pregnancy and Infertility Reiki” course. 


In this class you will:

-Learn about 3 of the Reiki symbols. One is used for increasing the power of the Reiki energy, another for mental and emotional healing, and the third is for sending Reiki across distance.

-Become attuned to these 3 Reiki symbols and the energies that attach to them

-Practice using the Reiki symbols within a Reiki treatment

-Discover the basics of creating a successful Reiki practice.

-Learn how to send Reiki to family, friends, and loved ones no matter where they are in the world.

-Learn step by step on how to conduct an in person session

-Learn how to conduct a Pregnancy/Infertility Reiki and Animal Reiki

-Reiki Practioner Self Care

-Using tools in Reiki Sessions


What’s offered in this course that is not found in other courses:

-Flexible training dates of your choice.

 -You will receive your own pendulum, oracle cards and a distance healing board. 

-Every student who completes Level 1 + 2 will be able to get to take an advance course and get certified for Pregnancy, Infertility/Fertility Support, Infant Reiki and Animal Reiki.

-Time flexibility and hands on training (if you decide to take it In person). 

-You will get recorded videos of how to properly conduct a Reiki session.

 -Learn different powerful techniques- tapping into your gifts and how to ground your energy.

-Learn how to give yourself and others an oracle reading. Every student will receive my favorite healing oracle deck in the mail prior to the course along with the reiki textbook. We will learn how to incorporate intuitive messages into your healing sessions and make your sessions even more so magical!

-Learn how to incorporate crystals, pendulums and other spiritual tools into your sessions.

-Learn how to protect your energy and not absorb your clients energy.

-Visualization meditation and healing exercises you can take home, practice and incorporate into your sessions.

 -Marketing and business resources to help you attract your soul clients. Learn how to manifest your clients.

 -On going support.


Certificates of both levels awarded upon completion of the course and an Advanced Reiki certification for Pregnancy/Infertility Reiki and Animal Reiki.


To reserve a spot you must pay a non-refundable deposit of 200$ and the rest of the balance of 688$ (for virtual training) must be paid before training starts. *payment plan available please email jeuniceharrison@theawakenedsoul.co

After reserving your spot we will discuss on when you'd like to start your training. You can create your own schedule base on your availability. 

*Current reiki practitioners can take this course as a refresher and tune-up if called.

*All payments made are non-refundable



Private 1:1 Holy Fire Usui Reiki I & II Training RSVP

$700.00 Regular price $888.00