Healing Properties

  • The metaphysical properties of agate depend to some extent on color, but all agates have certain things in common.
  • Agate enhances creativity, and strengthens the intellect, making it a beneficial stone for both students and artists. 
  • Is also known as a good luck stone, and for balancing yin/yang energy, protection, healing, and calming.
  • A stone of strength, agate increases energy. However, because it is a grounding stone, it does not increase energy at all times, but rather enables bursts of energy as needed. In this way, agate enhances longevity.

  • Stimulates a smooth flow in any physical or emotional activity, especially communication.
  • Is great for people who help with the spiritual development of others, as it places limits on the emotional involvement that occurs in those situations. 
  • Promotes mental clarity, stabilizes brain wave transmission, helps eliminate fear of the unknown, and gives support to personal liberation during periods of change.
  • Purifies the physical body, and when placed in living or working environments, brings well being, and aids people with allergies, asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems.

  • Activates and stimulates personal expression, by combining received information with intuition
  • Increases creativity, and its use is recommended for anyone involved with an artistic life.
  • Attracts success and luck, brings happiness, and assists with spiritual elevation.
  • Possesses a gentle, smooth energy, and helps to alleviate and calm the mind and the nervous system through creative expression.
  • Physically, it functions as a muscle relaxant and chest decongestant, and aids in all situations related with pregnancy and birth.

  • Brings increased calm, balance, and awareness to one's thoughts, feelings, and higher consciousness.
  • Is very attractive to individuals beginning a profound deepening of their spirituality, and excellent for meditation.
  • Has a high vibration that is very powerful against all forms of pain, and its calming effect helps to eliminate anger, fear, and anxiety.
  • Helps in the treatment of headaches, insomnia, and addictions, can be placed in any space to promote overall healing and well-being, by creating a calming and harmonizing atmosphere.

Amethyst Flowers
  • Are very rare, magical, and delicate crystal formations that have the ability to harmonize, integrate, and balance elemental forces.
  • Excellent for activating healing, love, and blessings, they are able to make a direct connection between the crown and heart chakras.
  • Their exquisite colors and flowing symmetry are a constant validation of how natural beauty inspires and nurtures on the earth plane.
  • Placed in a child's room, a busy office, or healing environment, they will constantly clear, energize, and maintain a conscious, peaceful space.

  • Represents the capacity to verbalize and express interior truth, brings balance on all levels, and stabilizes the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. 
  • Purifies and strengthens the entire respiratory system and organs of speech, and combats congestion and infections of the throat, thyroid and breathing problems, snoring, fevers, and high blood pressure.
  • Is excellent for those who use their voice a great deal, like speakers, actors, singers, and teachers

Astrophyllite (RARE)

  • It is a popular stone for those working on 'Astral Travel'. As Astrophyllite is a bridge for perception, it also activates the highest and lowest chakras, uniting each energy center along the way. It is a stone of fullness, acceptance and transcendence.
  • It gives you the ability to make major changes that will move your life journey forward in a profound way, and has strong metaphysical properties for transformation.

Auralite-23 (RARE)

  • Is a very unique, powerful, and high energy style of Chevron Amethyst, excellent for spiritual and energetic practices on all levels. 
  • The average piece contains a minimum of 17 of the following 23 powerful Healing Stones: Ajoite, Bornite, Cacoxinite, Chalcopyrite, Copper, Covellite, Epidote, Gialite, Goethite, Gold, Hematite, Iron, Lepidocrosite, Limonite,  Magnetite, Pyrite, Pyrolusite, Platinum, Nickel, Rutile, Silver, Sphalerite, and Titanite.
  • Physically, it activates, clears, and calms the mind, balances emotions, and helps in the treatment of addictions.

  • Reduces stress, restores emotional balance, and promotes independence. 
  • Sharpens mental clarity, and helps to dispel anxiety and fear.
  • Stimulates muscle tissue, strengthens the blood, and brings health and well being.
  • Is used to attract luck and money, calm a confused heart, and give emotional balance.
  • Can be used for any illness; mental, emotional, or physical, and has the power to dissolve unhealthy thoughts and feelings.


  • In crystal healing, Azurite is a gem when it comes to enhancing creativity and inner wisdom because it cleanses and activates the third eye chakra. To channel the healing properties of Azurite, place it in your office or studio for a constant flow of its powerful energy.


  • Activates creativity and passion, brings action and movement, and enhances the ability to use personal power in the physical world.
  • Is a great help for concentration, overcoming passivity, anchoring attention in the present moment, and taking action.
  • Increases courage, self-confidence, and well being.
  • Very strengthening for the physical body, and especially good for the reproductive organs, it is helpful in combatting illnesses of the skin and blood, and in the treatment of eating disorders.

Cavansite (RARE)

  • Greatly enhance psychic abilities 
  • Stimulates the intuition, focusing second sight and activating channeling abilities with Blue Ray energetic vibrations.
  • Cavansite is excellent for psychic protection and healing. Cavansite removes and releases negative energy patterns bringing optimism and inspiration to your life.


  • Chrysocolla is a very peaceful stone it is soothing and calming in times of stress, and brings about gentle release. 
  • Encourages self-awareness and inner balance, and imparts confidence and sensitivity.
  • Enhances personal power and inspires creativity, by overcoming fears and supplying motivation. 
  • Heals heartache, and increases the capacity to love. 
  • Has powerful healing properties, especially when combined with Malachite and Moonstone.

  • A stone of well being and hope, and a popular crystal for discovering personal insights into and about one’s gifts and talents.
  • Instills great creativity in business and relationships, and strengthens the heart.
  • Removes ego driven pursuits, imparts “for the good of all” intentions, and contributes to win-win situations in any endeavor.
  • Releases any desire to attack people with anger, allows one to let go of baggage from the past, and to focus on the positive in the future.
  • Aids in restful sleep, and ultimate relaxation.

  • Promotes emotional balance, removes fears, and facilitates psychic perception. 
  • Known as the “merchants stone”, it empowers prosperity, sharing, and generosity. 
  • Alleviates depression and stress, brings clarity of thought and intention, and increases confidence and will power.
  • Physically, it supports any problem or treatment involving the digestive system, and helps with weight loss and eating disorders. 

Clear Quartz
  • A master healer, it amplifies both energy and thought, as well as the healing effects of other stones. 
  • It readily absorbs, stores, regulates and releases energy, making it an essential tool for many healing purposes.
  • Assists with clearing the aura, drawing off negative energies of all kinds, and removing energetic blockages.
  • Can be used for energizing, balancing and rejuvenating the physical, emotional, and/or physical body, and enhancing psychic and healing abilities.

Elestial Crystals
  • Known in Brazil by the term Jacaré (crocodile), they are master crystals, and have shamanic and protective power. 
  • Because they grow rapidly, often contain elements of earth, air, fire, or water, and typically have an internal windowed or skeletal structure. 
  • Can liberate hidden emotions and eliminate negative blocks.
  • Use these crystals with care, and be prepared to know the complete truth. They facilitate work with the primary elements as well as angelic forces.
  • Helps one to be firmly grounded and present in the physical body, and act with love and strength. 
  • Gives courage, and facilitates letting go of unhelpful mental attitudes and conditioning. 
  • Is excellent for treating all illnesses and conditions involving the blood.
  • Protection for evil and helps release bad karma.

Green Chlorite Quartz

  • Stone of Self-Healing. A powerful healing combination. The Quartz amplifies the purifying, detoxifying properties of the Chlorite making it one of the best crystals to use for physical cleansing.
  • Chlorite will help to cleanse the aura, chakras and energy meridians.
  • Chlorite also carries energies that will help you acquire wealth and prosperity.


  • stone that pushes one to love every ounce of themselves and who they truly are. It's a strong stone that helps one release emotional strain weighing down on them daily. Such feelings as self guilt, low self-esteem, and overwhelming anxiety are perfect symptoms of someone who should carry a piece daily.


  • Strengthens ones connection with the earth, making one feel safe and secure.  
  • Imparts a feeling of courage, strength, endurance, and vitality.
  • Stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing memory and the intellect.
  • Boosts self-esteem, enhances willpower, and imparts confidence.  
  • It is a very versatile and powerful healing stone, and a strong aid in overcoming compulsions and addictions.

  • Black Kyanite grounds, creates an atmosphere of safety, security, and protection, supports dream work and hypnosis, and gives access to extra terrestrial dimensions.
  • Blue Kyanite strengthens thyroid and parathyroid functioning and the immune system, gently stimulates the throat and third-eye chakras, and opens the mind to higher ideas and more optimistic thinking.
  • Green Kyanite assists in knowing the truth in any situation, the secrets of the heart, and transferring spiritual insights into action. Facilitates lucid dreaming, astral travel and dream work, and contributes hope, support, and positive energy to help realize one’s true spiritual path, and how to follow it independently, free from the need for the approval of others.


  • A stone of transformation, Labradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance. It balances and protects the aura, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies. Excellent for strengthening intuition - promoting psychic abilities.

Lapis Lazuli

  • Brings calm to the mind, and develops intuition and wisdom.
  • Helps to increase mental abilities and sensitivity to subtle energy, and represents absolute light.
  • Strengthens intuition and awareness, and reveals subtle nuances in non-verbal communication.
  • Touches the core of the heart, of love, and beauty, to harmonize everything internal external.
  • Physically, it helps improve concentration, memory, and vision, and has great curative and purifying properties.

Laser & Tabular
  • LASER crystals have a thin, elongated form that gives highly focused and concentrated power. They are typically used like a laser beam for advanced work in crystal healing, personal and space clearing, and energy practices.
  • TABULAR crystals have a rare form, that is flat with two large, parallel faces. They have a more long-range frequency action, and can erase interferences as well as concentrate and purify vibrations. They are often double terminated, and can be used to communicate with the higher self, for profound meditations, and as teachers.

Lemurian Seed Crystals (RARE)
  • Recognized by parallel grooves that run along alternating sides, they are believed to contain spiritual information and wisdom from the ancient Lemurian Culture. Very supportive, positive, and life affirming, they enhance and encourage inner development and connectedness. Variations include:
  • Classic Pink Lemurians are excellent for activating the heart chakra and awareness of universal love, connectedness, and spiritual development.
  • Clear Lemurians bring guidance and clarity to one's spiritual path.
  • Smoky Lemurians provide easy emotional release and freedom from negative thoughts and energies.
  • Rutilated Lemurians are very rare, and contain concentrated and highly refined Lemurian power.

  • Brings balance to the heart and crown chakras, and harmonizes feelings of self esteem, acceptance, openness, honesty, and forgiveness. 
  • Helps in transitions, and facilitates restructuring, reorganizing, and releasing old and outdated attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs. 
  • Induces change when necessary, and stimulates acceptance of the new. 
  • Reduces stress and tension, aids digestion, alleviates cramps, tendonitis, and muscle tension, and can locate areas in the physical body that have energetic blocks.

  • Has an extraordinary healing energy.
  • Can help restore deep and full breathing, assist all digestive functions, absorb pain, and clear psycho-emotional causes of illness.
  • Reveal emotions and fears connected with change and growth, and helps to recognize, remember, and use personal power.
  • Is a perfect stone to work with for abundance, prosperity, and manifestation.  
  • Has a protective effect against EMF radiation, and accidents when traveling.

Moldavite (RARE)
  • Is a tektite, created when a binary asteroid struck the surface of the earth approximately 14.9 million years ago. 
  • Helps to channel information and energy from universal and inter dimensional sources, and promotes balance between the physical body and the mind, alignment with the higher self, spiritual connections, evolutionary change, and regeneration. 
  • Assists one to eliminate beliefs that are limiting, and get in the way of receiving major spiritual perception.
  • Has a unique energy that continually uplifts, supports, and expands human awareness.

Mystic Myrlinite-

  • A stone of magic and spiritual evolution.
  • Stone that can attract good luck and powerful magic into your life.
  • Helps strengthen all your metaphysical abilities.
  • Connects spiritual forces to the body, assists in perceiving and improving negative emotions, and facilitates freedom from anger.
  • Activates a positive sense of power to understand and resolve difficult situations.
  • Helps one to detach, and become free from old beliefs and habits through love and wisdom.
  • Rainbow Obsidian can absorb and transmute negativity, ground the physical body, and balance all the chakras.
  • Gold sheen Obsidian manifestation power-up

  • Enhances precognition and inner knowing. It attunes you to higher energies and enhances prophecy and shows the way forward for individual spiritual growth.
  • Is a stone of unconditional love, and is a stone to heal the healers. When meditating with this crystal you are connected with the universal energy grid.
  • It provides peace and protection. It helps one to let go of possessions and release the connection to the material world.
  • It is useful for the diagnosis of disease, and getting to the root of  problems within the body.

  • Activates the crown (seventh) chakra, bringing spiritual wisdom in order to specifically work with the widest and most open concept of expectation, encouraging ideas for physical, emotional, and mental well being.
  • Also helps one to see through appearances, promoting greater comprehension of what is truly behind and inside of words and actions.
  • As an amulet, it is used to attract wealth and prosperity, protection against physical dangers, and negative vibrations.

Rose Quartz 
  • Is the fundamental heart chakra stone, and symbolizes the power and healing potential of unconditional love. 
  • Through its gentle vibration, it brings remembrance of the essence of love, free from guilt and fear, and fosters forgiveness, higher consciousness, and compassion. 
  • Helps to expand and create a new reality in life and with the universe, by providing the ability to reprogram the heart for developing and maintaining self love, esteem, and acceptance.
  • Promotes mental and physical flexibility, strengthens comprehension and decision making, and clarifies the most important aspects of any situation.
  • Helps to align, remove blockages, and improve both upward and downward energetic flow along the spinal column, and facilitates cellular regeneration.
  • Activates the transpersonal chakras so that they can receive and connect with pure spiritual energy.
  • Can clear, clean, and energize other crystals, objects, persons, and environments simultaneously, and is a wonderful tool for energetic and healing activities.
  • Works well in connection with Hematite and Black Tourmaline to increase the range and power of intuition and meditation practices.


  • Protective and purifying stone.
  • believed to reduce inflammation, oxidative stress, and EMF exposure. Some also claim it can purify water and relieve emotional stress.

Smokey Quartz
  • Balances the spirit of the earth, and provides a protective shield against negative energies. 
  • Helps on the inner path to transform shadows into light, stabilizes emotions, gives security by freeing one from fears and worries, and cures depression. 
  • Encourages experimentation with new things, and develops an attitude of self acceptance in the process of learning.
  • Dissipates subconscious blocks and negativity on all levels, assists with dream awareness and channeling, and gives knowledge and connection with nature.

Sphalerite (RARE)

  • Sphalerite is an excellent stone for those seeking balance and energetic grounding. Sphalerite is a stone of discrimination helping one distinguish between spiritual guidance and wishful thinking/fantasy. Sphalerite enhances mental clarity while aligning the astral body during the channeling of psychic information.
  • Will both ground you and energize you when you have recently meditated with high vibration stones and feel odd or dizzy.
  • This interesting crystal also helps to harmonize the male and female aspects of the personality, and will also assist with stimulating your creativity.

Spirit Quartz

  • Stimulates, on all levels, the physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional and subtle bodies.
  • Brings focus to the energetic center of an issue, the “heart of the matter,” or the core of dis-ease.
  • Its ability to focus and bring energies together make it an excellent stone for groups, fostering
  • unity, peace, and a willingness to work together that is beneficial to families, organizations, and
  • communities.

Strawberry Guava Quartz

  • Amplify your intentions of love, appreciation and generosity.

  • Hellps bring your subtle energy body, your emotions and your psyche into balance. Its energy helps influence your environment and people around you 

Starbrary Quartz (RARE)

  • Starbrary crystals are a rare and completely natural type of Quartz formation, which have been encoded and programmed with ancient and detailed information by people from distant star systems. 
  • This is the main difference between a Starbrary and a Lemurian Seed Crystal; Starbrarys having been encoded remotely by civilizations that existed outside of our own solar system, whilst Lemurian crystals were embedded with information by people who inhabited our planet; ‘seeding’ or planting them in a sand bed in Brazil for us to discover some 10,000 years after they left. 

Super 7 (RARE)

  • Extremely rare 7 minerals in one 
  • Is a potent healing ally—bringing you protection, release of negative emotions and past patterns, and purification of our soul, allowing you to reach a place of clarity, focus, creativity, and positivity.
  • Super Seven is the key ingredient to accessing the spirit realm and unlocking the knowledge and ancient beings. The high frequency of this stone helps one attune their energy to that of celestial beings, allowing one to better understand the meaning and purpose of their soul.

Tetrahedrite (RARE)

  • Helps you organize your thoughts and your life. Meditate with Tetrahedrite when you are feeling scatter-brained and confused.
  • Most sought out by crystal collectors “stone of life and intelligence”
  • Offers a sort of mental and spiritual detox - it takes off the ‘extra weight’ added by unnecessary emotional or psychological baggage to clear our path and lighten our load.
  • Tetrahedrite can used to charge other crystals during the full and new moons. It is excellent for setting long-term intentions that require determination and mental clarity.


  • Transmits electric and electromagnetic energy, and acts directly on the cellular level of the body.
  • Green Tourmaline has powerful curative properties, aids in rapid recuperation from any illness, and boosts the effectiveness of other stones and herbal treatments. 
  • Red (Rubelite)/Pink Tourmaline reinforces the willingness to understand and create love, strengthens the heart, promotes peace and happiness during growth and change, and liberates one from destructive tendencies. 
  • Black Tourmaline protects by repelling negative energies, supports the immune system, and helps one maintain positive spiritual consciousness when living in big, polluted cities.

Vanadanite (RARE)

  • Connects one to sexual and creative energies removing any energetic blocks whether physical or inspirational.
  • Gives a boost or energy.
  • Stimulates creativity.