Spell Votive Candles

Why Coventry candles work

The reason why we say Coventry is “Where Magic Happens” is because we use magic freely and often in our creative processes. We set up a sacred space to work in, choose our ingredients purposefully and pull in the energy of the stars, planets and moon by making our candles during the most beneficial astrological times. Magic makes us think that things happen without any effort on our part—but that is Disney magic, not magic of the real world. A lot of effort and planning goes intowhy candle magic works; it works because of us, not in spite of us. We are all magical beings, and we at Coventry have combined everything you need to make a little candle magic for yourself. The only ingredient left to add is you and your intention.

Our candles work because of scientific as well as spiritual reasons. Each ingredient carries the vibration that is in alignment with a specific action and outcome. The entire recipe, the words on the label, and when the candle is made all work together to hold the space for you while you relax and allow the vibrations to influence your reality. What you are doing is giving the energy held in the candle your address. You do this with your thoughts (your intention), desires (which include your feelings), and words (the blessing on the label and the words you add)... and off it goes to start the manifestation process. Energy is like that, it’s 100% potential and you give it a purpose and a direction. Our candles give you a focus and a platform from which you may launch the energy. Even though this may not sound scientific, it really is. You are working on the quantum level of life when you do magic—which is really science with heart!

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